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About us

  • Explore Admiralty Bay
  • Investigate the ruins of the Giacomo Bove Italian base
  • Map and record the geomorphology of Valle Italia
  • Study the biology and ecology of soil invertebrates
  • Evaluate the biodiversity of Valle Italia
  • Estimate the impact of human activities in K.G. Is.
  • Visit sites of geological interest nearby K. G. Is.
  • Film and document the whole expedition
  • Dive and video-document under the periglacial lakes and Antarctic sea of Admiralty bay
  • Set up a divulgative travelling exhibit and didactical activities suitable for children
  • Donate collectings to Italian Museums
  • Educate school students to Antarctic value and the impact of human activities on it
  • Promote International cooperation and scientific research in Antarctica

From Trieste to King George island

In 1975 Renato Cepparo with a team of scientists, researchers and sportsmen led a naval expedition to Antarctica on King George Island, where built the first Italian permanent base camp in Antarctica.
37 years after the Cepparo's expedition, Adriantartica Team, with the partnership of many important institutions and sponsors, promotes a new expedition on the route of the old one, to visit and explore new and old localities, in particular the Valle Italia to promote it a site of historical interest, and to investigate the geology, the ecology and biodiversity of the area.

The Project  Adriantartica

Adriantartica is a cultural Non Governative and Non Profit Organization instituted in Trieste in 2010 which aims to promote a scientific knowledge of Antarctica,  the friendship and cooperation between the Nations within the Antartic Threaty and divulgate the extraordinary history of the Italian expeditions in Antarctica.

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an Italian expedition to the gates of Antarctica

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